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Contact Us

Phentermine Sold Online, Phentermine Hcl 8Mg

Symonds Road, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
IP32 7DZ


Dragonfly Hotel Bury St Edmunds offers complimentary parking to it’s guests.

  • Check-in Time

  • Check-out Time

  • Guest Rooms



From the North: Via M6. At Swinford take the A14 towards Cambridge. Take Bury East exit off the A14, turn left at the traffic lights. Turn left again onto Symonds Road. Hotel entrance is situated on the left.

From the South: Follow A11 towards Newmarket/Norwich A14. Follow signs past Newmarket (A14) towards Bury St Edmunds/Ipswich. Along the A14, take junction 44, Bury St Edmunds East Exit. Turn left onto Symonds Road at the first roundabout. The hotel entrance is situated on the left.

From the West: A14 Bury St Edmunds. Exit Bury St Edmunds East. Turn left at traffic Lights and turn left again into Symonds Road. Hotel entrance is situated on the left.

From the East: A14 Bury St Edmunds, exit Bury St Edmunds East. Follow signs to Moreton Hall, drive under A14 and bear to the left. Then take first left into Symonds Road. Hotel entrance is situated on the left.